Global organizations need to collaborate with their partners, suppliers, and customers. Such collaboration of information needs to be secure across networks. Guaranteed delivery of information is a ‘must', even though the partners, suppliers, or customers may be geographically dispersed around the world.

eQube-MI based solution can be deployed where an eQube-MI instance is able to communicate with another eQube-MI instance that is setup across networks at a partner or customer or supplier location. Such communication can be established with encryption (various levels of encryption can be supported – 128 bit or FIPS compliant). In addition, eQube-MI process can be defined to guarantee the delivery of information payload. In other words, if the entire payload is not received due to some problem along the way, both eQube-MI servers will ensure that the connected systems go back to their original state before the initiation of the transaction.

In addition, eQube-MI server can be setup in a reverse-invoke mode to ensure that only the main eQube-MI server is able to establish a connection for the transaction to begin, further ensuring the security of each transaction. Under this deployment architecture, the remote systems including the remote eQube-MI server is not able to establish a connection to the main eQube-MI server. Only the main server is able to establish a connection and interact with the remote server, ensuring a stringent security protocol.

eQube-MI based solutions for global collaboration of critical information have been deployed at a number of global customers.


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