Analytics & BI (A/BI)


Power of A/BI in the hands of end-users

eQube-BI - the modern Analytics / Business Intelligence (A/BI) platform


eQube-BI democratizes BI. It puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users. It unshackles end users to analyze live enterprise-wide data on-demand while honoring the security rules of the underlying applications.

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Business Intelligence & 'visibility'


eQube-BI provides analysis of data on-demand, near real-time, providing single version of truth accessed under established security rules. Data warehouse is not required, the data is fetched from production systems on the fly.

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Executing 'action' based analytics


Using eQube-BI, relevant data from multiple applications is aggregated and displayed as KPIs or dashboard. The user can interact with the KPIs or dashboard and take appropriate actions.

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Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Using the eQube platform, a Data Warehouse or a Data Lake can be built and maintained efficiently than the traditional approaches.

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