Enterprise-wide Visibility

Businesses require analysis of data on-demand, near real-time, providing single version of truth accessed under established security rules. In addition, business users are not satisfied with having a static final analysis or KPI as the end state. Rather, KPIs, dashboards, or detailed reports represent the beginning of the analysis cycle. They require the ability to drill-down / drill-through the KPIs until they reach a point where ‘action (s)' can be taken. Actionable insight is what they are after.

Due to the explosion of technology at dramatically lower price-points, it is creating newer business approaches from marketing to personalized promotions to providing preventive maintenance as required by devices / machines. With the advent of Industrial Internet (IIoT), inexpensive sensors are set to revolutionize medical devices, automobile, shipbuilding, gas turbine manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and retail businesses. These tectonic shifts in technology and their applications are resulting in explosion of volume, variety, and velocity of data - creating a substantial demand for Big Data analytics.

eQube-BI establishes a "Rapid-BI" infrastructure for enterprise-wide visibility. Its technological underpinnings of "in-memory" analytics, "in-context" analytics, and its innovative algorithms allows it to sift through massive amounts of data in parallel and present the necessary analysis in intuitive manner. It is able to correlate and mash-up critical information from streaming data or huge quantity of simulation / analysis data with PLM, ERP, and ALM data for Actionable Insight. Essentially, the eQube-BI architecture is ready today to effectively deal with the challenges of Big-data analysis.



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