Integrated BPM capability
in the eQube-MI server

eQube-MI comes with OOTB integrated BPM (business process modelling) capability. With BPM, interfaces can be readily developed by visually designing corresponding eQube-MI Processes made up of Activities, Gateways, Events, and Paths that capture the business logic of the interface and its process orchestration. With certain Activities, the Data virtualization layer can be invoked that in turn sends requests to the eQube Connector (s) that makes the appropriate API calls to fetch (read) data or insert (write) data honoring the security rules / logic of the underlying application (s).

BPM manages the rest of the logic of transforming or translating fetched data, modelling of the behavior at and after decision gateways, and orchestrating the overall flow of the interface. Furthermore, any eQube-MI Process can be published as a web-service or as a REST service resulting in a Gateway centric or API gateway type integration architecture.

Sample BPM processes



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