We are one-people in dealing with this pandemic

At eQ, we take our role in this fight very seriously.

We are providing compelling analysis about the pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the human history. It has impacted all of our lives across continents and countries without discriminating for race, age, sex, color and religion. This crisis has substantially affected daily lives, economies, personal health and financial footing world-wide. Indeed, the need for us humans to stand together as one-people has never been this critical. Many countries have put in place multiple actions to prevent or dramatically reduce the spread of this virus.

While the daily focus around the world has been on reporting new COVID-19 cases and deaths, at eQ, we believe certain positive results need to be emphasized and prominently advertised. Many of the health care persons (Doctors, nurses, hospital workers, pharmaceutical professional, scientists, etc.), local law enforcement officials and essential services providers (e.g., grocery stores, pharmacies, public cleaning crews, etc.) have worked relentlessly to care for and save every life. They have become the 1st line of defense in this war against COVID-19. They have and continue to risk their lives and lives of their loved ones. We salute them and say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Therefore, leveraging our eQube®-BI product we have put together a balanced COVID-19 world-wide dashboard that shows number of recoveries, recovery rates along with number of new cases, new case rates and deaths.

Covid Dashboard is under construction