Data Quality


Understand the quality of your data

Data Quality Assessment

As obvious as its benefits may sound, many organizations have not thought of assessing the quality of the data residing in their mission-critical systems. Due to a variety of business drivers, there is a clear need to establish an enterprise-wide Digital Backbone of integrated applications. Once such a backbone is established, mission-critical data can seamlessly flow across applications, legacy systems can be synchronized with newer applications, and over a period of time applications can be consolidated by migrating them to a new system (s).

Data quality assessment


eQube-DP is used during the data discovery phase to understand various facets of data including data quality. eQube-DP assesses data quality and provides data correction and repair capabilities.

Data quality assessment Dashboard

Continuous data quality health monitoring


Continuous data quality health monitoring is a natural logical progression of data quality assessment, correction, and repair cycle.

Continuous data quality health monitoring flow, using eQube Platform

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