Data quality

Legacy systems tend to be several years old and during those years, business rules / business conditions tend to change substantially. Businesses / divisions merge, are divested or purchased, leading to data quality issues in systems. It is prudent for any business to perform a thorough data quality assessment across mission-critical applications.

Data quality assessments can identify classification of data, anomalies in the data, similarities and patterns in data. eQube-DP has extensive capabilities to interrogate data and establish a quality assessment of that data. Furthermore, it has the abilities to create rules on the fly and apply them to the data to pinpoint anomalies in the data and / or to identify patterns in the data.

Such data quality assessment can lead to establishing comprehensive rules for data transformation during application integration / migration projects. As per eQ's proven IETLV methodology for application integration and migration, eQ recommends the use of eQube-DP up-front in the project.

In addition, eQube-DP allows for data correction and repair. If the customer desires to correct / repair the data in the source system (s), then utilizing eQube-MI, under stringent governance and a comprehensive data correction / repair approval workflow (s), data can be corrected in the source systems.



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