Gateway-centric Integration Architecture

With eQube's loosely-coupled architecture, application specific eQube Connectors interact with the underlying application using native APIs. With a combination of eQube Connectors, Data virtualization layer, Semantic layer, and the integrated BPM engine in eQube-MI, interfaces can be developed with speed, agility, and without a need to develop ‘last-mile' connectivity code for the integration solution. Each eQube-MI process represents one or more interfaces. Any eQube-MI Process can be published as a REST service or REST API. REST APIs then can be called by any application on premise or from the Cloud based applications (if permissible to your Company policy / strategy). eQube-MI supports multiple transports. eQube-MI generated REST APIs can be called over https for security.

The biggest advantage of developing eQube-MI based Gateway-centric integration architecture comes down to:
  • eQube's ability to develop interfaces rapidly without writing the code for ‘last-mile' connectivity to the end applications
  • Using the platform including the integrated BPM capability to develop the interface with process orchestration (i.e. MI Process)
  • Ability to publish the MI Process as a REST API



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