Dinesh Khaladkar, President & CEO

eQ Technologic, Inc. ('eQ') is a trusted provider of comprehensive software solutions for enterprise-wide visibility and for enterprise application integration, synchronization, and migration. eQube®, our platform for enterprise information infrastructure establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications and provides enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight.

This platform is flexible, robust, scalable, and secure with overall lower total cost of ownership. eQube offerings in the market are: eQube-BI for enterprise-wide Business Intelligence and eQube-MI for application migration, synchronization, and integration. Additionally, eQube-TM and eQube-DP provide core capabilities for rules-based transformations between disparate systems in support of application migration / integration, ‘cube' migration, and for data quality assessment, correction / repair.

In the PLM context, eQube-BI (also marketed as Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics or ‘TcRA') is tightly integrated with Teamcenter and Active Workspace for visibility / analytics that can be extended to enterprise-wide visibility. eQube Platform and all of its offerings, including, eQube-BI, are system agnostic. eQube-BI provides data-mashup capabilities from multiple systems. eQube-MI integrates a PLM System (s) with other systems (ERP, ALM, CAPP, MES, ESM, etc.). In addition, eQube-MI synchronizes legacy systems with the PLM System of choice, leading to orderly migration of legacy systems.

As the CEO, Dinesh Khaladkar guides the company strategy, strategic business development, strategic partnering and alliance development, customer centric focus, and the direction of internal product/technology development. He is the obvious eQ and eQube® Brand Ambassador and Evangelist! Dinesh has extensive expertise in strategic management, complex product development management, enterprise software development, supply chain management, enterprise application integration, executive decision-making, business analytics, and development of organization-wide performance measures. Dinesh conceived eQube®, eQ's flagship product platform and has spearheaded the activities to take it to the global market.

eQube-BI is a revolutionary solution for "Rapid-BI". It rapidly collates and aggregates data from disparate systems in a single cube for enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight

eQube-MI is a next generation application integration platform that establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications. It is a single platform that efficiently addresses application integration, synchronization, and migration challenges. In addition, eQube-MI based application integration infrastructure can be readily extended for secure, scalable, and robust information collaboration across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers that are geographically dispersed

eQube-TM provides unprecedented capabilities to establish a knowledgebase of simple/complex maps and rule-based transformations between disparate systems. This knowledgebase is leveraged by all eQube offerings for application integration, synchronization, and migration. In addition, eQube-TM allows customers to transition away from other BI offerings to eQube-BI.

eQube-DP assesses data quality and provides data correction /repair capabilities. It interrogates the data in legacy systems / enterprise systems to understand its ‘quality'. It identifies anomalies, similarities, and patterns in the data. Such qualification of data then can be used to not only correct and repair the data, but also as an essential step in establishing transformation rules for application migration and integration.

To-date eQube has been very well received in the market place (hundreds of worldwide customers) in the following industries: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Machinery, Ship Building, High-tech, and CPG among others. Some of the key customers include: Lockheed Martin Aero (on the prestigious F-35 program), Baxter Healthcare, BAE Systems – MAI (Typhoon), BAE Systems – Marine (Successor submarine program), Boeing, L-3 (multiple divisions), Rolls-Royce, Siemens AG, ATK Launch Systems, General Dynamics (multiple divisions), Northrop Grumman (multiple sectors), SS/L, ULA, P&G, Intel, Visteon, MTU, Honeywell-Aero, Best-Buy, Dyson, Alstom Transport, among others.

Over the past 26 years, Dinesh has been instrumental in building, nurturing, and growing technology based businesses. Prior to eQ, he has been one of the founders of QuestOne; a US based high-end boutique management consulting company where he has been a board member and Executive VP in-charge building and growing QuestOne's professional services and software development organizations. He was instrumental in the development of QuestOne's intellectual property and "productizing" it through professional services and proprietary enterprise software applications. He was responsible for the dramatic growth of QuestOne's business by managing large accounts with the Fortune 50 companies (automotive and pharmaceutical verticals) and also, by establishing strong foundation for strategic partnerships with Accenture in the US.

Dinesh earned a Master of Science degree in manufacturing systems engineering from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune, India.

Sanjeev Tamboli, VP Products & CTO

As the VP Products & CTO at eQ Technologic, Sanjeev leads the global software development initiative and is responsible for the product architecture, direction, operations and product implementations. Sanjeev manages the operations and development center for eQ Technologic and also manages some of the key customer accounts such as Northrop Grumman, ATK Thiokol and Boeing.

He has lead the efforts in establishing the revolutionary eQube™ Platform architecture and its execution. eQube-BI, a Business Intelligence product, based on the eQube Platform, has been very well received in the global marketplace in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer Packaging Goods, and High-tech industry verticals. eQube-BI is most successfully deployed at the cross-section of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

He has over twenty-two years of experience in the design, development and implementation of software products and solutions such as multi-tiered, scalable enterprise client server applications, development of distributed Web based products. He successfully established and grew the development center of eQ Technologic in Pune, India that delivered the base eQube Platform with two core offerings: eQube-BI and eQube-MI.

Prior to eQ, Sanjeev was with QuestOne Decision Sciences in Pennsylvania. At QuestOne, he was responsible for the Indian Operations. Before that, he spent over four years with Ford Credit in Detroit where he helped computerize their North American Credit operations. He also worked at Digital Equipment Corporation in the AI research center in Marlborough, Massachusetts and Thermax Systems and Software in India. Sanjeev holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology.


Adam Summers, Director - Customer Engagements

As a Director of Customer Engagements at eQ, Adam manages key customer accounts in the UK, Adam has 30 years industry experience, focused mainly in Energy, Utilities, Process, Aerospace and Defence sectors. During which time he defined and managed the delivery of many business critical PLM (Product/ Plant Lifecycle Management) solutions to capital projects. As part of this process he helped organisations to be more efficient and to transition their business, through rationalisation and integration of their systems and processes, leading to closer collaboration between Businesses, Departments, Sites, Suppliers and Customers.

He has gained practical application and process experience as a Mechanical Engineer, undertaking the design, project management and commissioning of Process equipment and plants. He then went on to expand his experience as a CAD Engineer working on the as-built configuration of Nuclear Power Plants, before moving into various business development and consultancy roles.

Through this practical experience Adam Summers has gained skills in industry best practices, through life processes, IT Systems, Software solutions, data exchange, stakeholder management and business case development. Together with a strong knowledge of the key challenges that businesses face when transitioning to a through life data management approach.


Alan Walker, Director - Customer Engagements

As a director of Customer Engagements, Alan has over 30 years of experience in the PLM industry particularly focused in complex global design, manufacture and operation in multiple industry verticals. As a Director of Customer Engagements, Alan manages key customer accounts, primarily Rolls-Royce, as well as leading the engagements with a host of other key Customers in the UK and Europe.

Alan's experience is in providing leadership and business strategy in partnership with key people in our Customer base to gain maximum business benefit from investments in enterprise software solutions.

Prior to eQ, Alan was a Business Partner Consultant with Siemens Industry Software for 7 years, where he held the role of Global Program Director at Rolls-Royce. For 22 years Alan was employed in the Gas Turbine industry, latterly with Siemens Power Generation and prior to that, ALSTOM and GEC where he held numbers roles from Electrical Engineering, Fluid Systems Design, Business Automation exploiting PLM technology and finally as Program Director for Collaborative Product Definition.


Allan Miyata, Director - Customer Engagements

As a director of Customer Engagements, Allan manages and provides assistance to many key US customer accounts on various activities for eQ Technologic. As a former customer and now forward facing, he brings a unique perspective to both eQ and the clients he services.

As an early customer of eQ, he saw first-hand how the company grew rapidly and their products evolved- while still maintaining its commitment to excellent service. Now as part of eQ, Allan strives to maintain this reputation that had so impressed him as a customer.

Allan has over 30 years of industrial experience. Prior to joining eQ, Allan worked in the mechanical design, aerodynamics, instrumentation, flight test, data analysis, weapon integration, database design, application development, project management, financial analysis, knowledge management, process management and operations fields. He has several years of experience in both large and start-up companies, and has held roles of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at several start-ups.

While working at Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, he helped manage the sector's transition to a common Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy within Engineering. This entailed developing, deploying, marketing and communicating common processes and tools across the sector. Allan holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of California Los Angeles.


Ashutosh Khandekar, Director – Finance

Ashutosh Khandekar has over twelve years of experience in managing Financial operations. He has worked with eQ from the very early days and has been instrumental in the growth of eQ.

He has put in place the cost control, procurement control, payroll, and budgetary systems at eQ. As a part of his responsibility he manages all aspects of Finance of the Company. He is actively involved with establishing banking relationships for eQ. He is responsible for the world-wide audit and taxation of the Company. In addition, he manages the various government agency interactions for the Company.


Devdutta Kulkarni, Director - Customer Engagements

Devdutta Kulkarni has over 22 years of multifaceted experience in the IT industry. As a director of Customer Engagements, Devdutta manages many key customers accounts and is responsible for the customer support activities for eQ Technologic. He actively manages BAE Systems, MTU Aero engines, Alstom Transport, Visteon, and various customers in US, Europe and India.

Devdutta actively works with the customers and helps in bringing the customer perspectives to enhance the eQube™ platform. He has been involved in conceptualization of the latest product offering: eQube-MI, a revolutionary solution that addresses enterprise-wide complex data migration and integration needs.

Prior to joining eQ, Devdutta was working at Iopsis Software as a Vice President solutions where he lead the flagship product of the company "iNsight", a SOAP based web services authoring tool. This product has won many accolades at many international markets. Besides leading the product development and the customer relationship, Devdutta headed the entire development center in India and grew the center to an 80 strong team.

Prior to Iopsis, Devdutta worked at Tata technologies as an architect and at Wipro Information Technology as a Customer Support engineer.

Devdutta holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications from Mysore University.


Joseph P. Garay, Esq., Vice President – Legal & Admin.

As the company's chief legal officer, Mr. Garay provides legal guidance in all aspects of the company's business, from general business matters, through contracting and intellectual property protection worldwide. In his Administrative capacity, Mr. Garay, is responsible for and manages all administrative matter, such as human resources, employee benefits, risk management (insurance), facilities management and planning.

Mr. Garay brings to the company a wealth of legal and business experience. He practiced law in large Philadelphia law firms for fourteen years, specializing in business law, including, contract, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, securities and finance. He left private practice to become the General Counsel, Head of Administration and a member of the Chairman's Executive Staff of Fischer & Porter Company, a multi-national, public, stock exchange traded manufacturing company. After Fischer & Porter Company was sold to a competitor, Mr. Garay became the CEO of a small manufacturing business he part owned, which he managed over twelve years to great profitability and then sold successfully and profitably. Mr. Garay has been an advisor to the company since the company's inception.

Mr. Garay holds a B.S. degree from Saint Joseph's University (Philadelphia) and earned a J.D., Magna Cum Laude, from the New England School of Law. He is a member of the bar of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court; U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of PA; U.S. Court of Appeals for Third Circuit; U.S. Claims Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

He has been a speaker at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Enterprise Forum; U.S. Commerce Department /Licensing Executives Society; Budapest University of Economics; and St. Joseph's University on various subjects, including Strategic Technology Licensing, Commercialization of Technology, and Corporate Law.


Rahul Bhagwat, Director - Customer Engagements

Rahul has extensive experience in the design, architecture, and development of large scale commercial software products. Over the past fifteen years, he has been involved in conceptualizing and developing various software products and solutions. As a core team member at eQ Technologic, he focuses on the development and enhancement of the Company's flagship eQube™ Platform as well as actively manages some of the strategic customer accounts.

He has been a core member of the eQube Platform team from the beginning and has contributed substantially with various innovations at the heart of the product platform. These contributions have added certain differentiating and innovative features as well as paved the way for substantial enhancements to the product offerings. He is one of the instrumental team members that conceptualized and designed the latest eQube offering: eQube Migration and Integration (MI) solution.

On the customer facing front, he actively manages Lockheed Martin on the F-35 program as well as General Dynamics (various divisions), Intel, and Siemens (GmBH), among others. He has been able to successfully provide innovative solutions to these customers' business issues using eQube.

Prior to eQ, Rahul worked on Cash management products at SNR and also, with Thermax Systems and Software in India. Prior to this he was working as a research assistant in University of Pune where he published papers on querying GIS data sources.

Rahul has earned a Masters in Computer Science degree from University of Pune, India.


Rustom Taraporevala, Director – Enterprise Quality

Rustom Taraporevala has over 29 years of experience that includes both technology leadership and management positions in both start-ups and large companies. As a key member of the team, he is responsible for the Product quality, Process quality, Code quality, Training, and Documentation of the eQube™ offerings. In addition, he actively manages the Customer accounts like Goodrich Aero Structures. His core strength is in growing start-up businesses and managing multiple distributed project development teams. He possesses vast expertise in Databases and Web technologies.

Rustom led an eQ Technologic team of developers that worked with the Siemens PLM Development team to deliver a number of Teamcenter MRO products. These included MRO base, Materials, and LRM.

Prior to eQ, Rustom has worked with Universal Technical Systems, MicroTech Partners, Thermax Systems and Software, and the Tata Electric Company. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Regional Engineering College at Rourkela.