eQube®-BI with
Teamcenter Enterprise

Siemens PLM Software's Teamcenter Enterprise is the leading Enterprise Knowledge Management solution in the PLM space. Teamcenter Enterprise enables companies to capture and manage diverse product and process knowledge in a scalable and open web environment. Users can access this knowledge on demand and leverage it in workflow-driven processes that accelerate strategic take-to-market initiatives. Their customers are the leading worldwide companies in the Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, high-tech, and Consumer Packaged goods industries.

Due to its extensive reach and capabilities, Teamcenter Enterprise accumulates substantial amount of data throughout a product's life cycle. Accessing this data, analyzing this data to monitor performance and to identify areas of improvements on a timely basis is not only critical but also absolutely essential. Without such dynamic capability, the customers are not able to leverage their investments in the PLM solution to its fullest extent.

eQube-BI's revolutionary architecture accesses Teamcenter Enterprise's object model via its native APIs. It leverages a customer's highly customized classes, relations, and attributes AS-IS. In addition, it leverages the customer specific configuration contexts and security model AS-IS!

Other core capabilities of eQube-BI allows for highly configurable reports / analytics templates to be developed in a matter of hours. The end users then can use these templates for ad-hoc reporting. eQube-BI's powerful in-built Scheduler allows privileged users to schedule these templates to be run at any combinations of time parameters, such as daily, weekly (on one or more days of the week), monthly by date or by specific day etc.


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