Developing end-user centric
low code 'for-purpose' apps

To achieve productivity goals across any organization, there is a clear need to rapidly implement intuitive end-user centric 'for-purpose' applications and provide on-demand 'visibility' across business processes with A/BI capabilities. These apps need to access contextual relevant data from multiple systems to enable end users in carrying out their end-to-end business transactions. Security and access control of underlying source systems must be honored.

eQube platform enables rapid development of low code end-user centric apps. eQube-MI enables development of RESTful APIs by exposing data as a service from multiple systems. eQube-BI aggregates data from multiple systems and exposes it with detailed analysis or stunning intuitive visualizations. These capabilities are provided with minimum need to write code. Given, its web-based service oriented open architecture, it is easy to expose these capabilities in any Web UI or portal or any platform that enables development of apps, such as Mendix. This is a critical capability for DaaS in an IDE.

Watch Use Case(s)
  • eQube App in AWC (Teamcenter + SAP + Oracle EBS)
  • eQube App WebUI (Navy Demonstrator)
  • eQube Mendix App (Teamcenter + SAP)
  • eQube Mendix App (Multi PLM + ERP)
  • eQube Mendix App (Navy Demonstrator)
  • eQube MI API Gateway (Teamcenter + SAP)


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