Executing 'action' based on analytics

Using eQube-BI as the front-end for analytics and eQube-MI as the orchestration engine, a solution can be built that has a unified intuitive UI (rendered in an eQ Portal or SharePoint or integrated in application UI or Mendix or any Web UI) displaying KPIs or dashboards and the capability for end users to act. First, using eQube-BI, relevant data from multiple applications is aggregated and displayed as KPIs or dashboard. Then the user can take 'action' of updating or modifying the information in BI or in a form on the UI that is carried out by eQube-MI on-behalf of that user in the underlying application (s) honoring that application's access control and security rules.

Watch Use Case(s)

  • eQube App on SharePoint (eHub DDR)


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