Orchestration of enterprise-wide
(extended) business process

Many business processes span multiple applications with a requirement to control the movement of information based on business rules to enrich / transform the information programmatically or manually. Also, such movement of information necessitates a global workflow engine to facilitate and control the movement of the information across disparate systems. eQube-MI has an in-built business process modeller (BPM) that is capable of modelling a global workflow. Additionally, it is easy to put controls in place to read information based on certain event(s), wait on it until some other input / action (confirmation or rejection) is received, enrich / transform the information based on that input, and then take the next step in the workflow including writing to a destination application. With these capabilities, eQube-MI is able to orchestrate business processes across the enterprise.

Many global organizations have their business processes spanning networks, suppliers, customers, and partners. eQube-MI's orchestration capabilities can be readily extended across such extended landscape.


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