eQube's Data
Virtualization Layer

eQube's data virtualization layer is a common neutral layer to access data from one or more applications that hides the complexity of application from the developers (no need to know / understand the APIs). eQube Connectors translate the requests from virtualization layer to application specific API calls. Thus, any eQube product is able to read and write data to the application (s) by utilizing application specific APIs without the developer or the end-user having to know the details of those applications.

In the latest eQube platform releases, eQ has added a semantic layer to its platform. With semantic modelling, domain ontologies are established. Application specific implementation can be mapped to each domain ontology concept. Thus, semantic layer further enriches the object model of the underlying application by introducing higher-level concepts. In eQube-MI, these higher-level concepts and their implementations in each application's object model further simplify the process of developing and maintaining interfaces. In eQube-BI and eQube-DP, the semantic layer dramatically simplifies the experience of "self-serve" for the end-users. It allows the end users to build cubes / analysis without having to know the complexities of underlying applications.



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