eQ Technologic

is a software product development company, which was founded in 1995 by Mr. Dinesh Khaladkar. Formerly known as Technologic, eQ came into existence in Jan 2001, when it separated from its parent company QuestOne Decision Sciences, USA. Technologic had been the sole development center for QuestOne till then.

eQ's core strength is to build commercial scalable software products. eQ develops and markets its own software products as well as develops software products and solutions for other organizations. eQ's management team has strong experienced background in the area of Executive decision support, strategic planning, product portfolio planning, organization-wide critical performance measures, business intelligence and analytics, and related information technology. This business and technology experience has been a result of in-depth and extensive interaction for more than 15 years with medium and large scale Fortune 50 customers in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and high-tech industries, predominantly in the US.

From 2002 eQ leveraged this extensive business and technology experience to launch eQube in the market place. eQube creates "visibility infrastructure" for its customers that provides them with unprecedented visibility in their business processes for informed and timely decisions. Since its launch in the market, eQube has allowed its Global 1000 customers to dramatically leverage their investments in their PLM implementations.

Presence in the US, India, UK, and Germany.