Digital Backbone of
integrated applications

eQube-MI is a next generation application integration platform that establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications. It is a single platform that efficiently addresses application integration, synchronization, and migration challenges. In addition, eQube-MI based application integration infrastructure can be readily extended for secure, scalable, and robust information collaboration across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers that are geographically dispersed.

eQube-MI represents ‘Not only ESB' integration architecture. Based on the use case, eQube-MI can be used to build integration solution conforming to either ESB type integration or a loosely coupled application-to-application type integration or API gateway type integration; hence ‘Not only ESB'.

Application integrations are hard. Over time, many methods have been used to tackle this critical but problematic area: point-to-point integrations, COTS products that deal with only certain application specific integrations (essentially, point-to-point), ESBs with message oriented architecture, middleware, message brokers, and now API gateways. In each of these approaches, the developers of the interfaces (integration points) have to write code to deal with the business logic as well as to consume messages in the source and destination systems. Such ‘last-mile connectivity' tends to be heavy in interface specific programming and therefore, comes with headaches. Changes to the interface requirements, changes to the business logic, upgrades of the applications to the next versions, etc. tend to have a significant impact on the interface and results in a cycle of code re-writing, testing, and deploying in production. Laborious, lengthy, expensive, and therefore, hard! Even with the latest API gateway type architecture, coding is still required in developing, maintaining, and managing the higher level APIs to accomplish certain tasks.

With eQube-MI, application integration problem is solved to a great extent. ‘Last-mile' connectivity is addressed without any developer having to write code! Therefore, the speed and agility with which the interfaces can be developed and maintained is unprecedented. The entire business logic of an interface resides in the realm of eQube-MI. Therefore, changes to the business logic of the interfaces or the impact of changing the source / destination application versions are managed within the boundary of eQube-MI and not in the ‘last-mile' connectivity.

Application consolidation and retirement of legacy platforms presents significant opportunities and threats to businesses. With eQube-MI, legacy and new applications can be bi-directionally synchronized leading to orderly migration of the legacy systems. Such approach dramatically reduces the risks in consolidation of applications while providing a responsible path forward.


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