eQube®-BI Advantages

Organizations that have invested substantial amounts of time and money in utilizing enterprise class software solutions need visibility in their business processes to fully leverage these investments. eQube provide this "visibility infrastructure" most effectively.

eQube offers superior and in some cases unmatched functionality. However, as is the case with any of the enterprise applications, TCO needs to be addressed. "Cost of eQube" has to be viewed from a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) perspective.

In addition to the Licensing fees, MES fees, Supporting infrastructure needs and costs, TCO is driven by lead-time, efforts, and money required for "DIMSuM" - Develop - Implement - Maintain / modify - Support - Migrate eQube based solution.

TCO includes the following components
  1. Cost of licensing
  2. Cost of annual Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (MES)
  3. Supporting infrastructure cost (For example, other software tools, databases, application servers, and hardware required to run eQube)
  4. Development professional services fees (tied to the time of deployment and number of consulting resources required...)
    • Ability to connect data from multiple systems has implications on time to deploy (For example, in the case of a data warehouse - to create one itself will take several months if not years at astronomical costs. eQube does not need a data warehouse. However, if one already exists, eQube can easily connect to it.)
  5. Implementation in production environment: ease of deployment in the Production environment from Acceptance environment. Additionally, Installation cost: in the case of eQube it is zero on the client side - since browser is the client and there are not even applets to be downloaded and installed - a.k.a "zero foot-print" on the client side. On the server side, eQube is typically installed in a matter of hours.
  6. On-going cost and time for maintenance and modification of the existing reports / analytics views as well as creating new ones
  7. Support cost for eQube based solution: No cost on the client side since there is nothing to install and therefore, nothing to maintain and update.
  8. Cost of migration:
    • From one version of an Enterprise Application (that eQube connects to...) to the next - of course depends on the lead time as well (in the case of those enterprise applications, where eQube connects via their native APIs, the cost is very minimal. (For example, Teamcenter applications)
    • From one version of eQube to the next version of eQube. - eQube provides scripts to migrate its meta-data from one version to the next. Typically, the process is straightforward.
  9. Security - it's more of a binary measure than a cost related one. Unless one goes through an application's native APIs, one cannot really guarantee the security / access privileges to the data.
In all of these categories combined together, eQube provides substantial advantages. The eQube advantages are best quantified from the TCO and from the "Speed of deployment" perspectives. eQube customers have realized 80% plus total cost savings compared to the other methods / solutions they had employed before eQube.


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