eQube-TM is a semantic data mapping solution, essential for mapping data and building transformation rules between disparate data sources. This mapping is used to build application migration and integration solutions using eQube-MI.

The Business Challenge

In the times of global collaboration and consolidations, many enterprise applications need to be merged, migrated or digitally connected. As part of this process a very large effort is dedicated towards creating and maintaining complex data mapping/business rules. Application migration and integration solutions go through a continuous churn to be up-to-date with ever evolving data model changes between disparate systems.

The eQ Approach

Through the eQube-TM solution, eQ delivers an alternative to creating and managing data mapping using semantic knowledgebase approach. The semantic knowledgebase inherits data model from source systems and augments it with a collection of:
  • Annotations: During requirements phase, SME's use annotations to add rules and guidelines at attribute, object and map level that assist solution architects while designing the solution
  • Tags: Source system tags are added automatically by TM as the maps are being built, viz. unique constraints, foreign keys, list-of-values, data types etc.
  • Enablers: Solution architects add enablers to drive data flow and process decisions to define generic solutions
This knowledgebase allows SME's to capture and build semantic maps and business rules between disparate systems. These maps are further used in building migration and integration solutions using eQube-MI.

The knowledgebase allows SMEs to define key enablers that drive the eQube-MI based solutions and shield the migration/integration solution from the ripple effects of frequent data model changes. Such approach provides the solution architects to build a robust, loosely-coupled and generic framework.

Sample Use Cases:
  • Capturing data mapping and business rules necessary for application migration and integrations early during requirements phase.
  • Providing a loosely coupled data mapping framework for application migration and integration solutions using eQube-MI
  • Data modelling solution for building Master data management solutions


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