Integration & Migration

To efficiently navigate any business through the global competitive landscape, there is a fundamental requirement for an infrastructure of integrated applications. Such infrastructure needs to be scalable, robust and secure to adapt to changing business conditions and for information collaboration across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers.

eQube®, a platform for Enterprise Information Infrastructure establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications. Once such robust, scalable, and secure Digital Backbone is in place, organizations are able to leverage it to minimize / eliminate ‘waste' in the business processes making them more nimble and efficient. Duplication of efforts, data mismatches, stale information, un-availability of ‘right' information on-time, incorrect information, manual corrections, etc. all make-up the organizational ‘waste' that can be the key differentiator between market-leaders / innovators and also-ran companies.

Once the eQube based Digital Backbone is in place, the following solutions can be readily deployed:


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