eQube®-MI Benefits

eQube-MI is a next generation application integration platform that establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications. It is a single platform that efficiently addresses application integration, synchronization, and migration challenges. In addition, eQube-MI based application integration infrastructure can be readily extended for secure, scalable, and robust information collaboration across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers that are geographically dispersed.

eQube-MI represents ‘Not only ESB' integration architecture. Based on the use case, eQube-MI can be used to build integration solution conforming to either ESB type integration or a loosely coupled application-to-application type integration or API gateway type integration; hence ‘Not only ESB'.

eQube-MI Benefits:

  • Single platform for application integration, synchronization, and migration
  • No coding for ‘last-mile' connectivity
    • No coding required to develop and maintain interfaces - the developer does not need to know or understand the underlying application's APIs.
    • Ability to choose the appropriate integration strategy (i.e., ‘Not only ESB' - loosely coupled application-to-application type, or API gateway type, or ESB type: message-driven, common data model based, service orchestration based) without a need to write code.
  • Synchronization leading to orderly migration
    • Legacy application consolidation and retirement
  • The benefits mentioned above result in unprecedented Speed and Agility to develop and maintain the Digital Backbone of integrated applications at industry-leading lower TCO.


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