M&SWP Integration

Integration of 14 External Systems to the New M&SWP 3.0


Seamless data movement

Rapid solution deployment

Seamless integration with Teamcenter Workflows

Business Opportunities

    Maintain existing integrations with 14 external systems (some bi-directional) without making any changes to the downstream/upstream integration.
  • Business flows spanning over multiple systems to provide immediate feedback to all systems
  • SharePoint Integration: Instant reaction to users input in SharePoint lists and files
  • Integration with SharePoint workflows to provide real-time status of Teamcenter data in SharePoint


  • All interfaces generate three auditing files for every execution: Error messages, Warning messages, and Audit messages
  • Both manual and automated interfaces are recorded and tracked through Teamcenter auditing objects, where all information and relations are stored
  • Interfaces not only load data but also trigger downstream workflows, processes, user input, and other interfaces when the data demands it
  • - Users are only asked for review and feedback when required

eQube® Benefits

  • eQube-MI monitors Teamcenter, SharePoint, File systems, and Home-built systems to keep data moving continuously when required
  • eQube-MI moves finished TcRA reports and information into multiple SharePoint environments to keep the published SharePoint information up to date
  • eQube-MI’s multithreaded engine processes hundreds of connections simultaneously while concurrently managing priority and demand of simultaneous interface triggers
  • eQube-MI processes input to and from many formats: Formated text file, Excel files, Oracle database, SharePoint lists and files, files on the network, and Teamcenter
  • Interfaces seamlessly integrate with Teamcenter workflows as the standard user action, thus not disrupting any Teamcenter processes while eQube-MI works

eQube® Products used

  • eQube-MI
  • Business Process Modeling | Orchestration | Business Integration