eQube®-BI in PLM

Today's PLM solutions cover various aspects of a product: Requirements management, Project management, Workflow, Change Management, Product data management, Design, Engineering Analysis, Manufacturing process, Maintenance-Repair-and Overhaul, etc. Given, the breadth of these offerings they are considered by some analysts as equivalent to ERP solutions. In any case, due to their inherent nature, PLM solutions tend to accumulate massive amounts of critical data throughout the life cycle of a product. Engineers and management need comprehensive capabilities in tracking and monitoring various aspects of such data for reporting, ad-hoc reporting, analysis, and decision-making.

eQube-BI provides this capability most-effectively. eQube-BI is an open-standards based reporting, ad-hoc reporting, and BI - analytics product. When used in the PLM space, its revolutionary architecture allows for the PLM data to be accessed in the form of the application's objects, relationships, and attributes.

This unprecedented capability allows the end-users to manipulate, report, and analyze the data in-line with the business issue rather than being concerned about the underlying database schema. Additionally, this approach allows for eQube-BI to "Leverage" the investments the customer has made in customizing the object model of its PLM implementation as well as the security model.

Given, eQube-BI does not have a prerequisite of having a data-warehouse or datamart in-place, its revolutionary architecture, and its world-class professional services teams, most eQube-BI implementations (beginning with requirements thru deployment in the Production environment) take about 8 weeks or less time! Category braking performance!

All in all, the accrued benefits are dramatic. As one customer put it: "so long as we have the data in our PDM / PLM product, eQube-BI can get to it and above all, it allows us to represent that data in numerous manners for performance monitoring and better analysis."



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