A Rapid Solution for Actionable Insight

eQube-BI is a revolutionary solution for "Rapid-BI". It rapidly collates and aggregates data from disparate systems in a single cube for enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight and knowledge. Due to its underlying open, flexible, and scalable architecture, inherent "in-memory analytics" and "in-context BI" capabilities, eQube-BI effectively addresses the challenges of Big Data analytics.

eQube-BI is able to sift through massive amounts of data in parallel and present the necessary analysis in intuitive manner. It is able to correlate and mash-up critical information from streaming data or huge quantity of simulation analysis data with PLM, ERP, and ALM data for Actionable Insight. Essentially, the eQube-BI architecture is ready today to effectively deal with the challenges of Big-data analysis.

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Substantially leveraging investments across the enterprise

eQube-BI provides visibility in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, detailed reports, and ad-hoc analysis. It has unprecedented capability to form "single view of data" across multiple data sources. It is built on SOA compliant open architecture that is highly scalable. Such capabilities enable enterprises to rapidly synthesize and leverage data from disparate business systems, including PLM, into actionable analyses for timely decisions. eQube's advanced adapter framework allows eQube-BI to seamlessly connect to enterprise applications natively through the applications' APIs, or to legacy applications via database specific plug-ins, or through web-services. Therefore, it leverages each installation's specific customizations while honoring its access control and security rules as-is.

In the PLM domain, eQube-BI has been tightly integrated with Teamcenter Unified and is offered as Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics module by Siemens PLM Software. It has well-established connectors to all Teamcenter products. In the ERP domain, eQube-BI has connectors for SAP and IFS. Additionally, eQube-BI has connectors for other domains, such as: ECAD, manufacturing execution systems (MES), planning systems, etc.

Therefore, eQube-BI is able to address PLM/ERP/CRM/ECAD domain specific as well as enterprise-wide reporting, ad-hoc reporting, and analytics questions with unprecedented speed, flexibility, and dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO). For example, eQube-BI provides customers with enterprise-wide BI capability by collating and synthesizing data from Teamcenter, ERP systems (such as SAP or IFS or BaaN), and other legacy systems. Such capabilities are provided in real-time or near real-time while leveraging each application's customizations and honoring each application's security and access control logic.



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