Establish a connected network of data, applications & devices

eQube-MI - the next generation hybrid integration platform

eQube-MI is a next generation hybrid integration platform that establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications. It is a single platform that efficiently addresses application integration, synchronization, and migration challenges.

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For Purpose Apps

eQube platform enables rapid development of intuitive end-user centric 'for-purpose' apps with built-in 'visibility' across business processes with A/BI.

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Application integration infrastructure

eQube-MI establishes a robust, scalable, and secure integration infrastructure for any data, at any speed, in any format, with any application and any device.

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Data Federation

eQube-MI federates relevant data from multiple systems, in real-time, and presents a unified view honoring the underlying applications' security rules.

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Business Process Orchestration

eQube-MI can orchestrate enterprise-wide business processes. For example, a Part created in PLM results in a Material master in SAP S/4HANA.

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Secure Collaboration

eQube-MI platform enables secure collaboration across networks, partners, and customers.

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Master Data Management

eQ's recommended approach for MDM revolves on the philosophy of 'keeping data where it belongs – in the source systems' – essentially, a decentralized MDM solution.

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