eQube®-BI – a modern Analytics/BI platform

Put power of A/BI in the hands of users

'Self-serve': Sentence based analytics

eQube®-BI – 'Edge to the core'

Analyze Big-data with Enterprise Systems' data

eQube®-BI – analytics with Governance

Analysis honoring connected systems' security rules

No 'stale-data' – near real-time analytics

eQube-BI is a modern A/BI platform that Democratizes BI. It puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users. It unshackles end users to analyze live enterprise-wide data on-demand while honoring the security rules of the underlying applications. In addition, it efficiently deals with streaming/sensory data as well as Big data stores and Data Lakes to provide aggregated view across these data sources and core business systems (PLM, ERP, MRO, Supply Chain, Asset management, Logistics, ALM, etc.) for critical insight. It interactively mashes-up data with stunning visualizations to reveal the 'story' behind the data for Actionable Insight. The underlying architecture is enterprise-class scalable architecture with highly-optimized in-memory cubes that scales out to support thousands of end users.


Visually build KPIs and dashboards


Example : Gartner Bake off 2019 Dashboard demonstration

End user can create stunning dashboard and KPIs

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Gartner Bake off 2019 Dashboard demonstration

Self Serve Analytics


Example : Self-serve Analytics - SAP

Our vision is to 'Democratize BI'. To that end, we have incorporated innovative semantic modeling capability that enables end users to interact with BI by asking questions.

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Self-serve Analtytics - SAP



Example : 3D CAD dashboard (Teamcenter BOM & SAP)

With eQube-BI's 3D-Insight module, the visualization of A/BI artifacts is taken to another level. The analysis is shown on top of 3D JT models of the customer's products.

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3D CAD dashboard (Teamcenter BOM & SAP)



Example : Self-serve Analytics - excel files

eQube-BI has many core innovations which help to rapidly deploy A/BI capabilities.

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Self-serve Analytics - excel files

Making sense of Teamcenter data


Example : Dashboard insight into PLM - In Teamcenter AWC

Visualize KPIs, Dashboards in Teamcenter Active Workspace.

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Dashboard insight into PLM - In Teamcenter AWC

Data aggregation across systems


Example : 3D CAD dashboard (Teamcenter BOM & SAP)

Customers that use Teamcenter and SAP, require visibility from both systems. Many business cases require data mashed-up from these systems.

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subscribers 3D CAD dashboard (Teamcenter BOM & SAP)

Analyzing Excels


Example : Self-serve Analytics - dynamic excel files

Ability to easily analyze information from a single tab or a single excel file or in marked areas of excel or multiple tabs or multiple excel files.

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Self-serve Analytics - dynamic excel files

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