eQube®, a platform for Enterprise Information Infrastructure establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications and provides enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight and knowledge. This platform is flexible, robust, scalable, and secure with overall lower total cost of ownership.

Various applications such as ERP, PLM, ALM, MES, ESM, Content Management, Document repositories, CAPP, legacy systems etc., can be rapidly connected to eQube-MI based Digital Backbone. Once they are on the Digital Backbone, the following three broad things can be achieved rapidly :
  1. Integration: application integration enabling seamless data flow across the applications based on application logic

  2. Synchronization: applications can be synchronized, so legacy systems are in-sync with new COTS applications

  3. Migration: once the legacy systems are in-sync with new systems, they can be orderly retired without disrupting business.

eQube-DP capabilities are most useful for identifying data quality issues in the legacy systems before synchronization / migration. eQube-TM capabilities of establishing a knowledgebase of systems' mapping (objects, attributes, relationships, tables, columns) and rules for transformations help eQube-MI in rapidly developing and maintaining the Digital Backbone.

eQube-BI provides enterprise-wide visibility by aggregating data across multiple systems honoring each system's security rules. Such visibility is in the form of KPIs or dashboards or detailed reports that are dynamic in nature allowing drill-down capability leading to Actionable Insight.

eQube offerings:

eQube-BI is a revolutionary solution for "Rapid-BI". It rapidly collates and aggregates data from disparate systems in a single cube for enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight and knowledge. Due to its underlying open, flexible, and scalable architecture, inherent "in-memory analytics" and "in-context BI" capabilities, eQube-BI effectively addresses the challenges of Big Data analytics.

eQube-MI is a next generation application integration platform that establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications. It is a single platform that efficiently addresses application integration, synchronization, and migration challenges. In addition, eQube-MI based application integration infrastructure can be readily extended for secure, scalable, and robust information collaboration across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers that are geographically dispersed.
eQube-MI represents ‘Not only ESB' integration architecture. Based on the use case, eQube-MI can be used to build integration solution conforming to either ESB type integration or a loosely coupled application-to-application type integration or API gateway type integration; hence ‘Not only ESB'

eQube-TM provides unprecedented capabilities to establish a knowledgebase of simple/complex maps and rule-based transformations between disparate systems. This knowledgebase is leveraged by all eQube offerings for application integration, synchronization, and migration. In addition, eQube-TM allows customers to transition away from other BI offerings to eQube-BI.

eQube-DP assesses data quality and provides data correction /repair capabilities. It interrogates the data in legacy systems / enterprise systems to understand its ‘quality'. It identifies anomalies, similarities, and patterns in the data. Such qualification of data then can be used not only to correct and repair the data, but also as an essential step in establishing transformation rules for application migration and integration.


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