BI & Visibility

For many years, businesses across industries have identified the need for real-time aggregated information for making timely and informed decisions. Globalization, hyper-competition, regulation, and other industry-specific cost reduction drivers have all accelerated the need for on-demand visibility across business processes with analysis capabilities leading to actions.

Such on-demand visibility requires a comprehensive enterprise-wide business intelligence infrastructure where data from one or more systems can be collated, aggregated, and presented in intuitive manner while honoring the underlying applications' security rules. It also requires the analysis to lead towards Actionable insight.

eQube-BI rapidly collates and aggregates data from disparate systems in a single cube for enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight and knowledge. Due to the core features of the eQube platform, eQube-BI is able to access data from these systems honoring their access control / security logic. It does not require intermediary data store or data warehouse to perform the analysis. Furthermore, owing to its underlying open, flexible, and scalable architecture, inherent "in-memory analytics" and "in-context BI" capabilities, eQube-BI effectively addresses the challenges of Big Data analytics.



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