EDF Energy

Efficient Data Migration and Management for EDF Energy


Streamlined Documentum
to Teamcenter migration

Improved nuclear power plant data management

Smooth data transition for commissioning and asset management

Business Opportunities

  • The primary goal was to shorten delivery times for nuclear power plants while adhering to project schedules
  • Efficient management and transition of 'As Designed/Construction' data was crucial
  • The project required a phased migration approach to progressively onboard connectors and the supply chain
  • A shift from Documentum to Teamcenter was needed to handle document management
  • This shift was driven by the expected growth, exceeding 10M documents and their configuration


  • The eQube®-DaaS platform facilitated data migration, integration with core PLM systems, and provided Analytics/BI capabilities
  • Teamcenter was integrated with 3 downstream systems using APIs
  • 9 key dashboards were provided for 3,000 users

eQube® Products used

  • eQube-BI, eQube-TM, eQube-MI, eQube-GMP
  • eQube Connectors used: TcUA, Documentum (Oracle), excel, MS SQL Server Enterprise DB metadata

eQube® Benefits

  • The DaaS platform served as a single solution for data migration and integration with downstream systems
  • The platform facilitated the key integration of the "As designed," "Commissioned," and "As built" configurations of the plant
  • eQube-BI delivered actionable insights through intuitive dashboards and analytics
  • Cost savings were realized due to the sunsettng of Documentum
  • Integration with downstream systems was made more efficient

eQ Process

  • Migration had 2 main phases
    • 1A internal contract data
    • 1B followed by contractor data with additional functionality and phasing by contractor/supplier groups
  • 30m objects/relations migrated, 8Tb of data migrated

EDF Energy