Your AI Whiz to Unlock the Power of eQube®-DaaS

Your AI Whiz to Unlock the Power of eQube®-DaaS
Enhance Your eQube® Experience with Que - Your AI Virtual Assistant

Que, powered by eQube®-ADA, offers a range of advanced AI features designed to effortlessly assist users with eQube® Platform. The AI assistant specifically is responsible for quick support on the entire eQube® platform. It can answer any queries or provide support on platform usage, deployment, and troubleshooting, enabling anyone to start using our products quickly. It simplifies and truly democratizes data analysis, integration, and migration at scale.

The beta version is now available for eQube®-DaaS Platform customers and fulfills the role of an intelligent copilot. Que guides you through the eQube® process, ensuring accuracy and providing best practices.

Key Features
Quick and smart support
Questions on supported platforms for deployments
Complex use-case
Concise answers with
clickable references
follow-up answers
Assisted script generation for usage across the eQube®-DaaS Platform
How to get the most out of it?
Que is designed to provide quick and smart support for queries about deployment, features, compatibility, and certification matrices, delivering clear and understandable answers. When users ask specific questions about products or features, Que responds with comprehensive answers, complete with clickable references to relevant help and deployment guide sections, with summaries of relevant content from multiple sources. For example, if a user asks, "What are the supported application server versions for eQube-®MI?", Que responds with a list of supported versions and provides a clickable link to the product documentation for reference and action.

Users can also ask follow-up questions, and Que keeps track of the conversation to provide accurate responses. If the user follows up with, "What memory and CPU should I assign to Tomcat to run eQube-®MI?", Que will provide specific recommendations for memory and CPU allocation. If the answers are not thorough enough, Que allows users to give feedback and suggest improvements, ensuring the virtual assistant continually gets smarter and better at meeting users' expectations.
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