Integration Suite

eQube®-DaaS Platform - Weaving Data Fabric

eQube® Integration Suite – A powerful Low / No-code Integration platform

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This suite consists of three integrated product offerings: eQube®-MI (Migration & Integration), eQube®-AG (API Gateway) and eQube®-TM (Transformation Modeler).

In 3 simple and intuitive steps, an API and / or an interface can be rapidly published as a part of an integration solution without having to write any code.

eQube®-DaaS Platform Integration suite of products is a powerful Low / No-code integration platform that establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications.

It provides a comprehensive and efficient infrastructure for APIs, enterprise application integration, federation, orchestration, synchronization, as well as data migration.

Quick Process Pipeline

  • Activity Tool palate

Easy Versioning

  • Delete previous revisions while freeze

Smart Indexed Searched

  • Categorized meta information of artifacts
  • Add and Hide columns
  • Save the preference

Swift Transformation

  • JSON, XML, Result set and Any system as either source or destination
  • One or more than one source system

Secure Authentication

  • Kerberos
  • LDAP

Simple APIs