GE DTS Migration

eQ delivers a seamless migration solution for General Electric


success rate for migration

The migration to Teamcenter
involved over 200,000 items

Standardization to

Business Opportunities

  • Standardization of a CDM was needed to facilitate seamless cross-business project collaboration
  • Transition from Teamcenter 8.3 to NX and Teamcenter 11.2
  • Bulk data and then incremental data change or delta migration
  • eBOM as well as NX CAD migration


  • eQube®-DaaS Platform used for the migration
  • Migration bulk load followed by 2 weeks delta over the weekend
  • Used eQube-BI (TcRA) for data profiling and validation
  • ETLV methodology used to successfully migrate the data

eQube® Products used

  • eQube Products used: eQube-BI (TcRA)
  • eQube-TM
  • eQube-MI: eQube-GMP
  • eQube Connectors used: Teamcenter UA

eQube® Benefits

  • Provided a bulk data followed by an incremental data change or delta migration with no disruption to business
  • Cost savings by retiring old Teamcenter version
  • Standardization to Common Data Model