Successful implementation of Product data hub for Lockheed Martin using eQube-DaaS Platform

Successful implementation of Product data hub for Lockheed Martin using eQube®-DaaS Platform


No custom code for last-mile connectivity

Rapid eQube® solution deployment

Implemented product data hub

Business Opportunities

  • Variety of electronic systems manage or track part or part related information
  • The Part data is enhanced, augmented, modified and reorganized while it flows from system to system in automated or manual ways
  • The need to sustain the aircraft using most of this data has brought a focus on the discontinuities and variety in part data
  • The solution requires that digital thread or digital tapestry be established to increase automation assist in identifying relationships of this data across all the enterprise systems
  • The goal of the Common Parts Registry (CPR) is to provide an index to the various data entries and their relationships


  • A true MDM (Master Data Management) Solution
  • Only identities are replicated into “Object-Relationship” Store
  • Extensible data-model to add more systems, date-elements and relationships to establish digital-thread
  • Provides services/APIs to search, validate and trace links while preserving data security of each source system

eQube® Products used

  • eQube®-MI, eQube®-TM, eQube®-AG
  • eQube® Connectors used: Teamcenter SOA, Teamcenter Enterprise , AbstractER, Oracle, Excel, Text File
  • Process driven MDM approach
  • eQube® API Gateway used to expose services

eQube® Benefits

  • Seamless integration of parts data from Teamcenter, SAP, ATLAS and other systems with Object-Relationship datastore
  • Code-less last-mile connectivity to systems using COTS eQube® connectors
  • Rapid eQube® solution deployment (within few months) without disrupting or deploying any component on end-systems

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