eQ delivers a seamless integration and analytics solution for Lockheed Martin's VDM

eQ delivers a seamless integration and analytics solution for Lockheed Martin's VDM


Quick data integration deployed

10 million Parts and Fitments exchanged

Seamless orchestration of workflows

Business Opportunities

  • When a supplier is contracted to design and provide a system like a Landing Gear, they are required to upload its bill of material or part structure in an agreed upon format
  • They do that through a process that involves Logistics Data Manager (LDM) and it results in a quantity-based part structure
  • The Sustainment BOM project (SBOM) envisions an Occurrence based part structure whose parts will be assigned to a Functional Logistic Control Numbers (FLCNs) structure
  • The business required a mechanism and the process to create part structures in Teamcenter that will ultimately lead to a Supplier uploading their part structure directly to Teamcenter


  • eQube®-MI acts as a message broker and manages communication among various systems involved
  • Performs ATLAS and Decisions validations
  • Initiation of J0820 structure creation in Teamcenter
  • Auto-retry mechanism while connecting to Decisions /Teamcenter
  • Maintaining life-cycle status when a transaction (for a particular part structure) goes through various stages of business flow
  • Scheduled event to identify requests pending for Decisions’ validation response and mark them expired
  • Re-submit validation requests to Decisions on eQube®-MI server restart
  • Integrating vendor data from AeroSource into LDM for synchronization
  • Part structure compare report generation and attaching exported report to part structure in AeroSource
  • Email notifications

eQube® Benefits

  • eQube®-MI’s capability of orchestrating complete business flow by connecting to systems like MRO, ATLAS, Decisions, Mounted File System, Teamcenter
  • Seamless data integration between AeroSource (Teamcenter Unified) and LDM (Teamcenter Enterprise) instances
  • (eQube®-TM) Map-driven data integration solution
  • User friendly console
  • Ability to initiate business flow through external trigger using eQube® AG
  • Auto-generation of part structure comparison report using eQube®-BI’s EMS feature

eQube® Products Used

  • eQ Products used: eQube®-MI, eQube®-TM, eQube®-AG, eQube®-BI
  • eQube®-BI EMS mechanism that interfaces between eQube®-MI and eQube®-BI
  • eQube® Connectors used: Teamcenter SOA, Teamcenter Enterprise, Oracle, File System, Excel
  • “For-Purpose” App built using eQube® products and eQube® UI services

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