Lockheed Martin leverages eQube-DaaS Platform to generate their technical data package

Lockheed Martin leverages eQube®-DaaS Platform to generate their technical data package


Automated 3D PDF generation

Data mash ups from multiple systems

Seamless orschestration of business processes

Business Opportunities

    Lockheed Martin required the following artefacts to be submitted to the design authority and there was no mechanism available to achieve this. Lockheed Martin needed an end-to-end system to achieve this
  • EDFP Report (PDF) with a title page, a system generated parts list, the PDM system derived Separate Notes List (SNL), 2D Drawings, Associated Tech Docs for some part types, 3D visualization data (JT), and Redline documents like AEAs or Record Changes
  • Metadata and summary files


  • OOTB easy mechanism to achieve a printable report layout that includes multiple data grids spanning across pages with appropriately placed headers, footers and page breaks
  • Federated data – OpenText Livelink , Teamcenter Enterprise, Teamcenter Unified, File System
  • Parallel report generation using eQube®-BI EMS mechanism
  • Update provisioning attributes in the report PDF without redundant data fetch

    File types embedded in the mail report PDF
LM EDFP | eqube

eQube® Benefits

  • User interface to feed input data and generate EDFP dataset, metadata and summary file
  • This eQube®-BI report is designed using Traditional Reporting widget that facilitates printable data layout along with the ability to embed documents into the exported PDF
  • Documents of various formats such as HTML, PPT, TXT, PDF, XLSX, WORD and GL can be embedded in the eQube®-BI Report
  • Workable 3D model can be embedded in the eQube®-BI report using eQube®-BI OOTB 3D Insight widget. Teamcenter JT Optimization is utilized by the eQube®-BI report to embed an optimized version of the 3D model
  • Facility to update provisioning attribute values in the Report PDFs

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube®-BI and eQube®-MI
  • eQube®-BI EMS mechanism that interfaces between eQube®-MI and eQube®-BI
  • eQube® Connectors used: Teamcenter Enterprise, Teamcenter Unified, Databases, Excel, File System and files
  • eQube®-API gateway and eQube® UI services

LM EDFP | eqube