Successful Migration of data from Multiple Systems for Major Consumer Electronics Leader's LVBD using eQube-DaaS Platform

Successful Migration of data from Multiple Systems for Major Consumer Electronics Leader's LVBD (Laundry and Vacuum Division) using eQube®-DaaS Platform on


100% Data Migration

No-code last-mile

Multiple systems consolidated into
a single Teamcenter Instance

Business Opportunities

  • The migration approach enables a seamless consolidation and transition from legacy on-premise systems to the new Teamcenter cloud deployment-TcX (Teamcenter X, Teamcenter Cloud Instance)
  • Execute new data migration strategy and execution due to evolving TO-BE data model.
  • Migration target of approx. 720,000 objects and datasets and 13TB files originating from various systems-Teamcenter, TcX (Teamcenter X, hosted on AWS Cloud), and the in-house Organization's Data Centers.


  • Data profiling and cleansing ensured that 100% accurate data was migrated to the new Teamcenter cloud instance.
  • CAD data from Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brazil, and India was consolidated into a single Teamcenter instance.
  • 100% Data Migration achieved.
  • Model-Driven Migration & Synchronization approach.

eQube® Benefits

  • All referenced data pulled up when checking for a part or an assembly, whereby scanning and searching through multiple PLM systems became possible.
  • Engineering and Business Process Improvements led to shorter operation cycles.
  • Holistic view of data from multiple sources empowered Actionable Insights and informed decisions for business planning and forecasting activities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration between systems, people and processes led to tisavings, quick value realization as well as reduction in IT maintenance costs.
  • No-code last-mile connectivity to systems using COTS eQube connectors; provided enhanced data profiling, cleansing that ensured 100% accurate data was migrated to the new TcX (Teamcenter X, Teamcenter Cloud Instance).
  • Consolidated multiple location CAD source systems into a single TcX (Teamcenter Cloud Instance).


eQ Process

  • Migration strategy: Bulk load + Delta.
  • Bulk-load of source systems data is followed by Delta migration of source systems data to new Teamcenter.
  • eQube® Teamcenter Connector was used to fetch source data.
  • Parts, Models, CAD, Folders, EBOM, CAD BOM were migrated from the older version of Teamcenter-to-TcX Version14.1(Teamcenter X, AWS Cloud Deployment).

Migration TypeObject TypeMigrated Objects Success %
ObjectLS CAD181,102 Items +
221,706 Revisions
ObjectVC CAD125,457 Items +
136,078 Revisions
ObjectDocuments171,083 Items +
171,083 Revisions
ObjectParts167,091 Items +
167,091 Revisions
ObjectModels5,549 Items +
5,549 Revisions
RelationsFolder Relations339,271100%
RelationsVC CAD BOM216,665100%
RelationsLS CAD BOM355,039100%
FilesCAD Files +
~ 13 TB100%

eQube® Products Used

  • eQ Products Used: eQube®-MI, eQube®-TM, eQube®-GMP and eQube®-BI.
  • eQ Connectors Used: 4 Teamcenter connectors -3 source and 1 destination as well as 1 relational database connector.