eQ delivers a seamless chatbot integration for Adient

eQ delivers a seamless chatbot integration for Adient


Quick chatbot integration deployed

Code-less last-mile connectivity

Rapid solution deployment

Business Opportunities

  • Too many tickets submitted for rudimentary issues
  • Adient wanted to replace all level1 / level2 ticket services with the help of Chatbot
  • Aim is to reduce customizations on Teamcenter for simple utilities like “enabling accounts”, “changing project members”, etc.


  • eQube® process initiated by chat-bot
  • eQube®-BI report definition, filters were exposed as APIs for MI to use
  • Executing eQube®-BI reports on behalf of the user via eQube®-MI

Adient Chatbot | eqube

eQube® Benefits

  • Seamless integration of MS Team based chat-bot with Teamcenter services
  • Executing eQube®-BI reports via NLP commands on chat-bot
  • Code-less last-mile connectivity to systems using COTS eQube® connectors
  • Rapid eQube® solution deployment (within 3 months) without disrupting business or deploying any component on end-systems

eQube® Products used

  • eQube®-BI and eQube®-MI
  • eQube® Connectors used: Teamcenter
  • API driven integration approach

Adient Chatbot | eqube