Analytics suite - Democratizing BI

Analytics Suite - Democratizing BI

eQube® Analytics Suite - Powerful sentence based Analytics for the masses

Powerful eQube Analytics Solutions- Analytics Suite

eQube®-DaaS Platform consists of Analytics Suite of offerings which provides a modern A / BI platform that democratizes BI, that puts the power of analytics in the hands of the end users.

It deals with streaming data / as well as Big Data stores and Data Lakes to provide an aggregated view across these data sources along with core business systems (PLM, ERP, MRO, Supply Chain Asset Management, Logistics, ALM and more) for critical insight from the data. Moreover, this platform also offers advanced analytics capabilities which incorporated Machine Learning, advanced Statistical techniques and automated data discovery. This product suite also helps data discovery, data patterns, similarities and essentially data quality.

Our Analytics Suite consists of eQube®-BI (Business Intelligence), eQube®-ADA (Augmented Data Analytics) and eQube®-DP (Data Profiler) products

Intuitive Dashboard

  • Data Mash up
  • Analytics on multiple systems

Unique 3D-Insight

  • Zoom

Augmented Data Analytics

  • Machine learning
  • Statistical analysis

Data Exploration

  • Spell checks


  • Geographical Maps
  • Linking with Geo Maps and other data widgets

Intelligent Data Insight

  • Insights into your Data
  • Advanced Analytics

Dynamic Hierarchy

  • Powerful