BAE Systems

eQube® empowers BAE Systems with secure and efficient data exchange


Secure collaboration between
BAE Systems UK and
Saudi Arabia

Integrated Teamcenter
with 12 systems

Facilitated data exchange with
3 Aircraft partners

Business Opportunities

  • BAE Systems sought a secure solution for exchanging in-service data with their customer, Saudi Arabia, pertaining to the Typhoon aircraft fleet
  • The connectivity is established by BAE Systems UK, through which data transmission from both locations is carried out to ensure the security of the connection
  • Data had to be synchronized only when a secure connection was established and active


  • eQube®-DaaS platform integrated with Teamcenter and 12 systems at BAE Systems UK
  • eQube®-DaaS platform for integration between the UK & Saudi Arabia for secure data transfer
  • eQube®-DaaS platform for data exchange between BAE Systems & Aircraft development partner

eQube® Benefits

  • Enabled secure and efficient data exchange between organizations
  • Facilitated integration of multiple systems with Teamcenter
  • Managed data collation and transfer effectively
  • Supported data exchange with numerous Aircraft development partners

eQube® Products used

  • eQube-MI
  • eQube Connectors used: Teamcenter Enterprise and SOAP connector
  • Systems connected:
    • Teamcenter Enterprise: PDM
    • BAAN – ERP
    • SAP PP – SAP Process Planning
    • NCM - Non-Conformance Management System
    • DPDS - Design Product Definition System
    • CATIA (DETREPT GII) – CAD Application
    • CR - Change Request System
    • CP - Change Proposal System
    • HMS CAPP - Computer Aided Process Planning
    • ACS - Advanced Claiming System
    • DX – Data Exchange with Partners
    • WDMS – Wire Data Management System
    • EDSRS – Electronic Data Storage and Retrieval System

BAE Systems Secure Partner Exchange