Collins Aerospace

eQube®-DaaS Platform accelerates Digital Transformation for Collins Aerospace


Rapid solution deployment

Data Federation by
connecting multiple applications

Version 1 of a Model Based
System Engineering solution
released to production

Business Opportunities

  • Accelerate Digital Transformations across multiple business units with eQube®-DaaS Platform as a Digital Backbone.
  • Complete multiple integrations between PLM, ALM, System Modelling, and ERP systems.
  • Extend MBSE solutions to incorporate additional applications from ALM, PLM, and ERP domains.
  • Consolidate redundant applications and sunset legacy applications.


  • eQube® APIs integrated in Teamcenter workflows for Materials of Concern (MoC) solution.
  • eQube® APIs consumed by For-Purpose App for Electronic Parts Catalog and for MBSE.
  • Synchronization between PLM and ALM using eQube APIs.
  • Use of eQube®-BI for creating executive dashboards.

eQube® Benefits

  • Rapid eQube® solution deployment (within few months) without disrupting or deploying any component to the end-systems.
  • Rule based Data Synchronization using eQube®-DaaS Platform helped in consolidating COTS applications.
  • Automated process pipelines using eQube®-DaaS Platform creating a reduction of over 3500+ hours of manual work. This resulted in a simplified solution with complex business rules handled with the eQube®-DaaS Platform.
  • Capability to incorporate different authentication mechanisms like SAML and SSO.
  • Seamless data integration between multiple applications.
  • Map-driven data integration solution using eQube®-TM.
  • Identified required MoCs for BOM assemblies and provided decision support for front line Analysts.
  • BOM assembly turnaround time was reduced to one third of the original.

eQ Process

  • Agile methodology for solution delivery.
  • Rapid development and deployment using eQube®-DaaS Platform.

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube®-MI, eQube®-TM, eQube®-AG, and eQube®-BI
  • eQube® Connectors: Teamcenter (multiple instances), SAP (multiple instances), Cameo, Polarion, JIRA, DOORS, Data Lake, Database, Web Services (SOAP, REST)

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