eQs Timeline Video 2021
Formerly known as Technologic, eQ Technologic came into existence in Sept 2000, when it separated from its parent company QuestOne Decision Sciences, USA. Technologic had been the sole development center for QuestOne till then. Dinesh Khaladkar, one of the promotors of QuestOne Decision Sciences, acquired the subsidiary which became Technologic and then eQ Technologic.

eQ's management team already had a strong experienced background in executive decision support, strategic planning, product portfolio planning, organization-wide critical performance measures, business intelligence and analytics, and related information technology. This business and technology experience has been a result of in-depth and extensive interaction for more than 15 years with medium and large-scale Fortune 50 customers in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and high-tech industries, predominantly in the US.

When eQ was formed, this experience was exploited and leveraged to develop a radically different product for business intelligence, "eQube®-BI" which by design was very different because it does not use intermediate store for the data. Instead, from the conception stages itself, it was decided that this product will connect to applications directly using Application Programming Interface (API) of the application. This was a revolutionary concept in 2001, and still remains very different from any other offering available in the market.

This was also planned and designed to be a software that has no client foot print and is fully available on the web with no software component other than a browser required on the client side. The product was design in such a way that the application’s security was reused, and therefore no additional security module was required to protect the rich information provided by eQube®-BI. It also has a data virtualization layer, as well as "In Memory Analytics", something that was unheard of back in 2001. This allows data from multiple sources to be mashed up within a report or a dashboard dynamically, allowing the user to radically change the report and play with the data cube like a Rubik’s cube in memory and come up with different perspectives of the same report.

Besides investing into building its own product, eQube®-BI, eQ worked with several customers world-wide to develop software products for them until 2006.

In 2004 Lockheed Martin Aero was looking for a scalable BI tool for their F35 program. Lockheed was facing technical difficulties in reporting out of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application, Teamcenter Enterprise. eQ Technologic was asked to provide analytics for their very large PLM program for the F35 program, and eQ was able to demonstrate not only eQube®-BI’s ability to scale up for large amounts of complex PLM data, but was able solve some of their most difficult technical issues in reporting on the F35 program. With the success of this program, began, eQ's journey with eQube®-BI.

In 2005, Siemens PLM Software and eQ Technologic signed an agreement which allowed Siemens to sell eQ's eQube®-BI as "Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics" (TcRA). This brought in synergy and the adoption of eQube®-BI grew worldwide with more than 300 eQube®-BI customers worldwide.

eQube®-BI/TcRA had the genesis to do much more than Analytics. Under the hood, the data virtualization layer, and connectors to different applications made it an ideal integration platform in the making.

In mid-2008, BAE Systems MAI, (Makers of the Typhoon and Eurofighter aircraft) in United Kingdom were implementing eQube®-BI, when they understood the true capability of the product and realised the potential of this product beyond Analytics. BAE needed to integrate 15 different systems with their PLM system Teamcenter Enterprise, including ERP, Process planning and other home-grown application systems. This was a very complex and unproven integration at the time. eQ began to work on the eQube®-Platform and came up with another product eQube®-MI for Migration and Integration. There were 75 interfaces developed for BAE and in 2010, and in just 1 year, this went into production and has been in production ever since. This spawned off another journey for eQ Technologic, carrying out complex and large data migrations, integrations, and synchronizations. Since then very many large integrations, migrations, synchronizations have been successfully carried out. Close to 50 customers including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rolls Royce, US Navy, General Dynamics, L3 Communications, BAE Aerospace, GE Transportation, GE Oil and Gas, Spirit Aero systems and many more in the last 10 years have successfully implemented solution using eQube®-MI.

From a small company of 35 employees, now, eQ has grown to a strength of 800+ employees worldwide.