eQ Foundation

The need for eQ Foundation

eQ as a company has been donating to various charities under the Social Corporate Responsibility program. We have realized that we, along with our employees can organize and participate in the charitable activities together. This way we can have fun at the same time we can do more for the whole world.

eQ Foundation will have two Directors, nominated by the company on its board. Along with these directors, there will be three more board members. They will be selected by the board and will represent one member from each US, UK and India offices.

The events organized by eQ Foundation will directly benefit the local small traders, organic farmers and artisans.

Other charitable organizations can also host an event at eQ by prior permission and as such, the money will directly go to the charity organizing the event.

When and if our employees organize and host a fund raiser, the funds raised by contributions and or sales of products will be matched 100% by eQ Technologic.

These transactions will be completely transparent and visible to all the participants.

eQ Foundation will be a 100% volunteer run organization and the Directors and the core board members will not have any financial gain from the organization.

Some events held and organized by eQ Foundation will be only for the wellbeing of the eQ Employees and their family members. E.g. Yoga/Surya Namaskar Workshop or Meditation classes.

Main Initiatives of eQ Foundation

Global responsibility

Being human is not a limitation. It is a limitless possibility. Possibility to be better, do more and achieve more than you could ever dream, not just for yourself but for the whole planet.


Global awareness

Global awareness is an understanding of how environmental, social, cultural, economic and political factors impact the world. Making changes in our lifestyle to support and lead the world in doing what is necessary.


Carbon footprint reduction

  • Donating your unwanted belongings to charity
  • Planting trees
  • Introduce Meatless Days
Main initiatives of eQ Foundation

Tie up with local farmers, artisans and small businesses to provide a support system that is mutually beneficial and benefits the whole world.

Support small businesses

Go organic

Support artisans

Main initiatives of eQ Foundation

We have realized the importance of maintaining a happy work place for better productivity and wellbeing of our employees. We are happy to announce a tie up with organizations like Isha Foundation, to address the effects of our stress filled lives. Every month we will have different activities and workshops for a lifestyle change to handle work or life stresses, so we go about the world in a joyful and loving way.

We will have several activities for eQ employees in under these categories

Donation Drive - Dec 2023

This festive season was a season of giving at eQ.


Events (Like inner engineering)

Activities (Gardening, Tree plantation etc.)

Workshops (Various classes like how to upcycle used clothes, learn to block print etc.)

Main initiatives of eQ Foundation

Volunteers for events @ eQ

Suspended till post Covid. Please stay tuned for updates.