eQ_Webinar-Rapidly Build For-Purpose Apps

Webinar: Rapidly Build For-Purpose Apps with eQube®-DaaS Platform

eQ_Webinar-Rapidly Build For-Purpose Apps

What to Expect:

One of the core objectives of Digital Transformation is to substantially improve the productivity across the business. For-Purpose Apps, also called Smart/Bespoke Apps, are custom built to address specific challenges and achieve business objective. Unlike generic applications, For-Purpose Apps are meticulously designed and developed to streamline processes, optimize resources, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional value to customers, resulting in an elevated user experience and notable productivity gains. In this webinar, we will explore the world of For-Purpose Apps and explain how eQ Technologic is at the forefront in shaping the future of Digital Transformation with solutions powered by eQube®-DaaS Platform. eQube®-DaaS Platform's ability to publish APIs from hundreds of connected systems to your choice of API builder to rapidly create For Purpose Apps is a game changer.

Learn how eQube® empowers businesses across diverse industries and sectors with the ability to create For-Purpose Apps fast to achieve their business outcomes. Whether it's optimizing business processes spanning multiple systems to drive efficiency, data federation to create a single source of truth, or orchestration of multi-system consolidation, eQ Technologic’s apps are purpose-built for each use case.

Hear from our guest speaker, Kenney Crooks, about how Northrop Grumman leveraged For-Purpose Apps to address challenges, enhance usability, and deliver business goals while Accelerating Digital Transformation.


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eQ_Webinar-Rapidly Build For-Purpose Apps with eQube-DaaS Platform

Dinesh Khaladkar, President & CEO
Dinesh Khaladkar President & CEO
Nathan Nalven, Sr. VP, Customer Engagements
Nathan Nalven Sr. VP, Customer Engagements
Kenney Crooks, NG Fellow, Northrop Grumman
Kenney Crooks NG Fellow, Northrop Grumman