GE Transport Migration

GE successfully completes migration, integration and a business intelligence project using eQube®-DaaS Platform


success rate for migration

20% reduction in overall costs after
retiring CAS data warehouse and Control card

Upgraded to
latest Teamcenter version

Business Opportunities

  • Transition from Teamcenter 8.3 with NX, CAS, Control card to Teamcenter 11.2
  • Bulk data migration plus incremental data changes moved by project, business unit in a phased manner
  • eBOM, mBOM as well as NX CAD migration


  • eQube®-DaaS Platform used for the migration and integration
  • Migration solutions used to validate, extract, transform & load
  • eQube-BI (TcRA) used to profile the data before migration and then for data validation after the migration

eQube® Products used

  • eQube-BI (TcRA)
  • eQube-TM
  • eQube-MI

eQube® Benefits

  • Provided a phased migration solution
  • Success rate of the migration was 99.99%
  • Cost savings from retiring CAS, Control card and benefits of using latest Teamcenter version

eQ Process

  • ETLV methodology used to successfully migrate the data
  • Migration phased by loading specific BOM’s, object types, relationships, files, etc. related to standard locomotives, then project by project and by business unit migration