Heavy Machinery Manufacturer

Seamless CAD data synchronization for heavy machinery manufacturer


Integration of Windchill, Creo,
SAP (Enterprise Data Lake) and Teamcenter

Rapid POV demo of CAD data sync
and facilitation of Service BOM creation

eQube® connectors provide
seamless data flow

Business Opportunities

  • Seamless synchronization of CAD data federated with SAP (EDL) data from Windchill to Teamcenter.
  • Enhance Service BOM, catalogue accuracy, and timely availability by facilitating CAD data sync.
  • Complete JT translation by leveraging Teamcenter Dispatcher services.
  • Streamline operations with integrated data flow between Windchill, Creo, SAP, and Teamcenter.


  • Comprehensive integration with Windchill 12.x, Creo 7.x, SAP (EDL), and Teamcenter.
  • Efficient data retrievals from Windchill using the WC OData REST APIs.
  • For Rapid Catalogue generation, accurate data retrievals of manufacturing data from SAP (EDL).
  • CAD data federated with SAP (EDL) data synced to TC 14 with CADIT showcasing Service BOM and Rapid Author catalogue generation.

eQube® Benefits

  • Efficient data federation from multiple sources with eQube® connectors to connect to Teamcenter.
  • Real-time data synchronization ensuring up-to-date information availability in Teamcenter.
  • Accurate CAD data synchronization for Service BOM and catalogue generation enhancing product documentation quality.

Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Diagram1

eQ Process

  • Implemented eQube®'s suite of products configured to business requirements.
  • Initiated data federation and synchronization based on the product release dates.
  • Demonstrated the value through a POV, showcasing real-world applications of solution in the clients environment.

Heavy Machinery Manufacturer Diagram2

eQube® Products Used

  • eQ Products used: eQube®-MI 5.5, eQube®-AG, and eQube®-TM.
  • eQube Connectors used: Windchill Cloud, Teamcenter, SAP, JDBC.