Jet Propulsion Laboratory deploys eQube-BI to track Product Data and its usage.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory deploys eQube®-BI to track Product Data and its usage.


Enhanced data intelligence

Dashboard mash ups from multiple systems

Holistic project data visibility

Business Opportunities

  • Visibility to Product Data from Plan to Actual. Monitor Performance and Usage
  • Search product design data for all missions
  • Track product data from plan, design, build, test, quality, and problem reporting
  • Monitor throughput and performance of configuration management
  • Data Integrity checks and usages


  • Ad-hoc search reports w/embedded links for Actionable Insight
  • One stop shop portal integrated into Active workspace
  • Advanced Caching for fast responses of large datasets
  • Reports for Engineering Design, Change Notices, Workflows, User Management, Bill of Material, etc.

eQube® Product used

  • eQube®-BI
  • Data sources JPL Data Warehouse, Teamcenter and other data systems

eQube® Benefits

  • Business intelligence capabilities on the data, including usage, trending, workflow, production planning, etc.
  • A scalable platform to mine their Data Warehouse and to mash-up data directly from other systems
  • Transitioned Teamcenter Enterprise KPIs/reports to Teamcenter Unified
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