LM ADP Solutions

Lockheed Martin deploys ADP solution using CDM


Common Data Model
based exchange

CAD Integration &
Part Classification

Automated deployments
using CI/CD pipelines

Business Opportunities

    Synchronize and harmonize data across multiple PLM, Manufacturing, and ERP systems in multiple Classified and unclassified environments of which some are in isolated air gapped networks
  • Extract and publish Standard Parts and Manufacturing BOM
  • Replacement of a manual process for creation of NX Part Integration
  • Simplification of multi-step process for creation/exchange of Standard Parts and its classification as per TC Classification tree


  • Rule based Data Synchronization using eQube-DaaS platform
  • Single eQube-DaaS interface supports multiple configurations
  • Extensible data-model to quickly add more systems and relationships
  • Unified solution that supports various operations like; Standard Part Creation, Classification, and NX Part Integration, as well as exchange of information using CDM self service For-purpose Application

eQube® Benefits

  • Rapid solution development & deployment using eQube-DaaS platform
  • Seamless integration with multiple applications using OOTB eQube Connectors
  • CDM for data exchange using OAGIS to share data with other systems
  • Reusable configuration models for migration and exchange information across multiple use cases

eQube® Products used

  • eQube-MI
  • eQube-TM
  • eQube Connectors used : Teamcenter Unified, XML, OAGIS, Excel, File System