Successful automation of released design data exchange for LM-Aero using eQube-DaaS Platform

Successful automation of released design data exchange for LM-Aero using eQube®-DaaS Platform


Rapid solution development

Secure data exchange

Automation of released design data exchange

Business Opportunities

  • There was no data exchange interface between the LM Aero’s PLM systems and Co-producer’s PLM system for FACO required data
  • To keep the PLM systems of all co-producers in sync, co-producer was required to access LM Aero’s PLM system to view engineering changes and manually enter in these changes into their PLM system
  • This task is labor intensive, and creates lag time for co-producers in loading FACO data


  • Solution facilitates LM Aero to pull and validate engineering data from Teamcenter Unified and Teamcenter Enterprise, convert it to Common Data Format (CDM) and deliver the whole package to an SFTP location(Site accessible to Co-producer’s)
  • The package includes data in STEP part 21 format, associated graphics, technical documents and other associated data from the source systems

eQube® Products used

  • eQube®-MI
  • eQube® Connectors used: Teamcenter Enterprise, Teamcenter Unified, Oracle, FTP
  • Process driven integration approach

eQube® Benefits

  • A federated approach to synchronizing LM Aero’s and Co-producer’s PLM systems for EBOM and Engineering Changes
  • Eliminating manual intervention, and thus allowing no room for error
  • FACO PLM Data Exchange was industry standards-based exchange as this minimizes the impact to each company by creating an autonomous interface to allow each company to progress to new tool versions independently

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