Northrop Grumman implements a Self Serve 'For-Purpose' App using eQube-DaaS Platform

Northrop Grumman implements a Self Serve 'For-Purpose' App using eQube®-DaaS Platform


Unified intuitive interface

Quick user onboarding

Built-in real-time advanced analytics

Business Opportunities

  • Employee onboarding backlog resulted in weeks of delayed access
  • Error prone manual process resulted in users without the required access permissions
  • Poor user adoption due to usability and productivity
  • User productivity impacting program schedule and cost
  • Account Generation/Maintenance limited to IT Admins


  • Self serve for users and managers to request/approve system accounts with permissions for Teamcenter and eQube®
  • No modifications to Teamcenter or Customer Customization layers were required
  • Improved productivity:
    • UAR App consolidated and orchestrated task based activities in a single click operation on one screen
    • Ability to copy access permissions from existing users
    • Single location to create and assign permissions for authors, consumers, approvers, and combinations of the above across programs/projects
    • Self-serve capability removed dependency on SMEs and Admins ability to create templates for grouping roles for simplified request creation

eQube® Benefits

  • Orchestrates account approval process
  • Supports Supplier access
  • Automated account creation and notification
  • Automated Group and Role assignments
  • Advanced reporting and analytics for real time analysis

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube®-MI and eQube®-API Gateway
  • eQube® Web App Toolkit for Visualization layer GUI
  • eQ's smart Cache technologies for improved performance
  • Authentication: SSO with active directory using Kerberos allowing any windows user access to UAR

UAR integration | eqube
The UAR tool has made it much easier and faster for Programs to add, modify, and remove Teamcenter user access in the Organizations it supports. UAR also reduced the manual touch time for both the approval process and the Teamcenter Admins. Once access approval is obtained the typical time to account creation/modification has been reduced form days/hours to minutes/seconds.

NGAS Teamcenter Access Manager