Northrop Grumman leverages MBSE enabling the Digital Thread powered by eQube

Northrop Grumman leverages MBSE enabling the Digital Thread powered by eQube®


Short training cycle

Compelling KPI dashboards

MBSE orchestration between multiple applications

Business Opportunities

  • Ability to automatically establish MBSE digital thread while authors work in various systems of record (SORs)
  • Eliminate Manual and error prone processes to track and validate MBSE digital thread
  • Reduce cross-training engineering workforce to build digital thread due to infrastructure and data / process ownership
  • User friendly visualization and navigation of MBSE digital thread


  • Agnostic to the disparate MBSE systems
  • Auto creates objects across MBSE tools
  • In the background, creates links and relationships assuring a “digital thread” across MBSE tools
  • Orchestrates business processes across multiple MBSE tools
  • Provides insights into the health of the ‘digital thread’ during the entire MBSE lifecycle (Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware)
  • Leverages MBSE systems providing closed loop verification with actionable insight
  • Integrated A/BI for KPI, Metrics, and Model Maturity
MBSE integration | eqube

eQube® Benefits

  • Established the MBSE digital thread in the background across various applications while authors continued to work in various SORs (P6, DOORS-NG, CAMEO, JIRA, BitBucket, ArtiFactory, and Teamcenter UA)
  • Delivered a ‘For-Purpose’ App for MBSE to visualize, navigate and maintain the MBSE digital thread
  • Embedded KPI portal for: Design maturity, Earned Value, Quality, and Validation

eQube® Products Used

  • eQube®-TM, eQube®-API Gateway, eQube®-MI and eQube®-BI
  • eQube® Web App Toolkit for building the 'For-Purpose' App
  • Orchestration between multiple MBSE applications

MBSE integration | eqube