eQube-DaaS Platform successfully optimizes Manufacturing BOM across Tc and SAP for Northrop Grumman

eQube®-DaaS Platform successfully optimizes Manufacturing BOM across Tc and SAP for Northrop Grumman


Enhanced quality & productivity

Improved user adoption

Real-time data reconciliation

Business Opportunities

  • Authoring/editing across two source systems(Teamcenter and SAP) is non intuitive, error prone, and time consuming
  • Need to introduce timely enhancements to each system and its user interface
  • Material Master Data synchronization between Teamcenter and SAP (two way)
  • Poor user adoption due to usability and productivity
  • User productivity impacting program schedule and cost Northrop Grumman Case Study

NGC Easy MOBM | eqube

easyMBOM integration | eqube


  • EasyMOBM consolidated and orchestrated task based activities in a single click operations within a single screen in most cases
  • No modifications to Teamcenter, SAP, or Customer Customization layers were required
  • Orchestrations driven by business processes within and across both systems
  • Real Time reconciliation on live data from Teamcenter and SAP reduced error and infrastructure costs
  • Increased productivity with improved quality

eQube® Benefits

  • EasyMBOM was developed as a 'For-Purpose' app
  • Single intuitive user interface with federated data from Teamcenter and SAP
  • User adoption increased
  • Real time reconciliation of Teamcenter and SAP data

eQube® Products used:

  • eQube®-MI and eQube®-API Gateway
  • eQube® Web App Toolkit for Visualization layer
  • Data virtualization layer for data mashups
  • Smart Cache technologies user for performance

EasyMBOM within a single federated window allows the Manufacturing Engineering community to Easily apply/author the necessary MRP attributes to any level of the MBOM structure. Data created within EasyMBOM is instantly sent to SAP enabling many other functions that cannot be accomplished within Teamcenter's Manufacturing Process Planner such as split off and synthetic part numbers.

NGAS OPS Manufacturing Lead and SME